Saturday, June 4, 2011

Turkey & Tomato Panini With PepperJack Cheese & Poppy Seed Dressing

I just love breaking out the panini press because you can make some really tasty sandwiches on that wonderful machine. The turkey & tomato panini I made for our debut post on Sandwich Everything was no exception. 

To make this hot off the press sandwich, your going to need a panini press to really make it the best but if you don't have one then you can always grill it in a pan. Hopefully, you have one though but if you don't I highly recommend you get one as they are pretty reasonably priced. It's also guaranteed you'll make some very satisfying sandwiches with it as I did here.

A recommendation for the bread... you're going to want to start off with some really good bread that works awesomely in the panini press. I got mine from Costco and it's called Rosemary Olive Oil Loaf. To be honest with you, I hadn't used this particular bread before today for a panini. I typically use it to make sandwiches for work because it's really affordable as it lasts 3 weeks, which comes out to about 1.50 a week for bread. That is a heck a lot better than lesser quality bread, that lasts about a week from the bread aisle. I digress though, getting back to the sandwich, here is the ingredients listed out to make a lot easier for you... I just really wanted to recommend the bread because it's that good,


  • Rosemary Olive Oil Loaf (from Costco)
  • Turkey lunch meat (any kind will do from your local deli)
  • Pepper jack Cheese 
  • Poppy seed Dressing
  • Tomatoes

I couldn't resist taking an after shot because I have to get my favorite sandwich time chip in there, the one and only Cheeto. 
I really can't express to you how tasty this panini but to say that it was probably the best one I've done on my panini press (so far) and I've had it for 3 years. The pepper jack cheese combined with the turkey & tomato and poppy seed seed dressing give it a sweet & spicy flavor that was very delectable. Add to that, the warm crunchiness and the flavors of the bread and ingredients really pop out. This comes highly recommended.

On one last note, welcome to Sandwich Everything,  I hope you will be very inspired to make your next sandwich a good one and come away with some great sandwich recipes in the process. Please follow my blog and share in this quest to make the perfect sandwich because it won't be the same without you. 

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